Ending Water Poverty. One Community at a Time.

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Most of us take fresh, clean water for granted. A constant supply is just a few steps away, from our shower in the morning to brushing our teeth before bed.

But the harsh reality is that one in eight people on the planet have little or no access to safe drinking water. That’s a population of nearly a billion children, women, and men who are prey to waterborne diseases such as dysentery, cholera, and typhoid that claim an estimated 3.4 million lives a year.

Beyond illness, the lack of clean water has adverse social consequences. In many cultures women and children serve as water carriers. They endure long and sometimes hazardous daily treks to a water source, lugging heavy containers back to their homes, then boiling the water to make it potable. It’s a burdensome, time-consuming task that limits a woman’s ability to pursue economic opportunity, while preventing children from attending school.

This is why Expedia Group is partnering with the global non-profit Planet Water Foundation.


Simple technology, powerful results.

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Planet Water is installing concrete AquaTowers in poor, rural areas around the world. The tower’s filtration system purifies contaminated water at a rate of 1,000 liters per hour. A single water tower serves the daily water needs of a thousand people.

Typically constructed in a day, a tower is affordable and requires few consumables. Working closely with local leaders, Planet Water trains community members to maintain the towers, ensuring long-term quality and sustainability.

The AquaTowers are often located near schools, providing students with a constant supply of potable water during the day. This also offers an important educational opportunity: teaching children and their families the importance of sanitation, handwashing, and cooking with clean water, thereby improving overall health and quality of life.

The results are impressive. Planet Water’s AquaTowers are generating clean water for some one million people in more than a thousand communities across thirteen countries.


It’s more than water. It’s social justice.


Expedia Group is supporting Planet Water in six specific sites in Indonesia and Cambodia—with financial contributions as well as volunteer labor from our generous employees. It’s one more way that, as a global travel company, we bring people of the world together for the benefit of all. Learn more at Planet Water.

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