Act Globally, Think Locally

As a travel company with global reach, Expedia Group is committed to improving the lives of people around the world through initiatives that are focused on protecting the planet, providing access to education, advancing equality, and enabling a more tolerant, just, and peaceful world. We’re working with local partners and governments to advance these goals.  

North America

In North America, we’re focused on improving access to education for underserved communities and on taking measurable steps to lower our environmental impact. 


Expedia Group employees are virtually connecting with school-age students in Seattle to provide weekly tutoring sessions.

From offsetting greenhouse gas emissions to planting trees and saving energy, Expedia Group is committed to lowering its environmental impact. Read More

Latin America

Expedia Group’s focus in Latin America is on creating a more resilient infrastructure for communities impacted by natural disasters and on empowering women and girls through education.  

Global ambassador trip – Cuba


Through Expedia Group’s Global Ambassador Program, employees are exposed to Cuba’s rich culture and shown the economic promise tourism offers to the island nation.


Europe, Middle East, and Africa

In EMEA, Expedia Group’s focus is on helping stem the refugee crisis and on reducing human trafficking.

Global ambassador trip – rwanda


Expedia Group’s Global Ambassador Program visits Rwanda, where they learn how the country has evolved to become a beautiful, vibrant tourist destination.


Asia Pacific

Providing clean water and sanitation is the focus for Expedia Group’s efforts in Asia Pacific, where access to clean water has the power to positively impact education and income.

One in eight people on the planet have little or no access to safe drinking water. Learn how Expedia Group’s partnership with Planet Water is helping to change that. Read More