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Our employees are always inspiring us to do more. That's why we support them in four purposeful ways, ensuring a positive and lasting impact for all.


Global Ambassador Program

Often called “the coolest field trip ever,” this program takes Expedia Group employees to a challenged destination, immersing them in the local culture to understand how we can help support tourism and sustainable living in the area. The impact of these journeys is long-lasting, breaking down barriers and unveiling new possibilities for how we can impact the world together.

Global Ambassador Trip: Nepal

Global Ambassador Trip: Cuba

Global Ambassador Trip: Rwanda

Global Ambassador Trip: India


Denny Jeon, Regional Director, Korea & Taiwan

“Possibly the most valuable and meaningful CSR activity I have ever been involved with either at Expedia Group or elsewhere.”

When Denny Jeon traveled to Cuba as an Expedia Group Global Ambassador, it reinforced his long-held belief that travel can be a powerful global force in building bridges between diverse people and cultures. Denny says the experience “provided a genuine opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas.”

While acknowledging the importance of financial contributions, Denny came away from the Ambassador experience with a renewed appreciation of the value of face-to-face interpersonal exchanges that “break down prejudices, biases, and cultural barriers through travel.”


Global Day of Caring & Global Month of Giving

This signature volunteering event is an extension of our team’s passion for giving back in their own communities. Hosted in more than 50 countries during our Month of Giving, this event provides all Expedia Group employees the opportunity to join together in giving their time and talents to make meaningful contributions where they work and live.

Expedia Group Day of Caring 2018

Expedia Group Day of Caring 2017


Maria Leonarda Pipkin, Area Manager, LATAM, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“In just one day, we were able to do so much to help.”

Expedia Cares’ annual Day of Caring means a great deal to Maria. Over the last several years, her team has done volunteer work in several different areas: the environment, hunger, career education, and lending a helping hand to families in need.

Maria emphasizes that the Day of Caring can make a significant impact on peoples’ lives with only “a little effort.”

For instance, her team recently spent a day improving an impoverished family’s home: painting, making repairs, and improving the property. “They appreciated it so much, they were so thankful.”

Global & Local Volunteer Committees

Grassroots volunteer efforts contribute to the unique community cultivated at Expedia Group. Our initiative, innovation, and compassion aren’t just reserved for work, they extend into all aspects of our lives. That’s why many locations have employee-driven committees that source, plan, and staff local volunteer opportunities, benefiting a variety of local causes.


Meena Beniwal, Sr. Strategic Business Analyst, Bellevue, Washington

“As a global company with global products, we have to give back to communities around the world.”

As her way of giving back, Meena chooses to participate in one of Expedia Group’s many volunteer committees. She leads a team of 12 Expedia Group employees that supports YouthCare, an organization focused on underserved young people.

The committee plans menus, provides groceries, then cooks and serves meals to 60 homeless youngsters—providing a different and interesting menu each time. “The YouthCare kids and staff are always excited about what we’re serving next!” says Meena.

By giving, Meena says she gets much in return. “It’s a constant reminder to be thankful for the little things in life, and to return kindness back to others.”


Matching Gifts & Volunteer Hour Match

We’re humbled by our team’s passion for individual giving and volunteering. That’s why we honor their commitment by matching donations and the value of the time they volunteered—to reinforce their significant efforts and support the organizations they care about most.


Jennifer Capasso, Sr. Director, Product & Analytics, Bellevue, Washington

“The refugee crisis can feel overwhelming. But the collective impact of individual efforts can make a big difference."

Jennifer has volunteered abroad in refugee camps—in Greece last year and in Serbia this year. She has seen first-hand the suffering that war and displacement can inflict on innocent families. She is convinced that Expedia Cares makes a significant impact by matching its employees’ financial and volunteer donations.

“The double matching provided substantial funds for my volunteer organization, Allied Aid,” says Jennifer. “We were able to build a community kitchen for a refugee camp in Northern Greece, which provides some humanity and joy for people living in extremely difficult conditions.”