Day of Caring 2018

As the world’s leading travel company, Expedia Group has a front row seat to the planet’s beauty and wonder every day—from a sunrise in Bali to a sunset in the Serengeti. So naturally we feel a special responsibility to care for it.

It’s a top priority at our company—just ask President and CEO Mark Okerstrom. “Expedia Group walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. We’re taking measurable steps to lower our environmental impact and we’re involving every single employee in our efforts.”  

The results have been impressive.

offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Through Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Expedia Group has offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions of our business operations which we control —from internal air travel, employee commuting, energy, waste disposal and other day to day activities. What does that mean in real life? Picture this: It’s the equivalent of removing 17,890 passenger cars from the road in one year, or keeping 193,431 barrels of oil in the ground.

We only have one planet. Let’s care for it on Earth Day and every other day as well.
— Mark Okerstrom, Expedia Group CEO

100,000 Trees To The Rescue

In 2018, Expedia Group set a goal of planting 100,000 trees in Puerto Rico and nearby regions devastated by the 2017 series of killer hurricanes. High winds destroyed the tree canopies that shore up unstable hillsides. The reforested areas will help prevent dangerous mudslides. It’s a full team effort with thousands of Expedia employees contributing through a 2-for-1 tree-matching incentive.


Saving Energy. And Salmon.

Expedia Group’s new corporate headquarters in Seattle.

Expedia Group’s new corporate headquarters in Seattle.

Expedia Group’s new corporate headquarters in Seattle is a LEED Certified v4 campus. It includes innovative technologies to save energy and maintain water and air quality. Our goal is to rank in the top 25% of all corporate headquarters in the U.S. on energy and water performance.

Located on the banks of Elliott Bay, our new campus is designed for fish as well as humans. Working with wildlife experts, we’ve developed land and water practices to protect nearby streams and watersheds that are vital to the survival of the endangered Pacific Salmon. In fact, we’re one of the first HQ’s in the U.S. to have earned the Salmon-Safe Certification (along with the appreciation of countless salmon).


Going the extra million miles.

In our mission to create a greener tomorrow, Expedia Group has a number of ambitious programs in the works:

  • The “Million Mile Challenge” will launch next year, aimed at eliminating 1,000,000 single-vehicle commuting miles by our employees.

  • We’ve conducted a far-reaching study to identify ways to source an even greater share of our energy from renewable sources throughout the company in the near future.

  • Over the next several years, Expedia Group has set a goal to boost our Carbon Disclosure Project score to demonstrate the improved environmental performance of our worldwide organization.

Mark Okerstrom puts it this way, “We only have one planet. Let’s care for it on Earth Day and every other day as well.”